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Where to Eat in Boston in 2017

Bjorn Koch: Where to Eat in Boston in 2017

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, then you’ve come to the right blog. Below are some of Boston’s most popular and trendy new restaurants.

Manoa Poke Shop

Winter is on its way out. If you want to help speed up its exit, consider visiting Manoa Poke Shop. At Manoa Poke you can get a taste of delicious Hawaiian cuisine. Poke is a type of fish salad traditionally served as an appetizer in Hawaii, but it can be served as an entree as well. Over the past year poke restaurants have popped up all over America’s major cities. At Manoa Poke you’ll find many delicious poke options as well as some other meal options. The restaurant also serves a tofu poke, so vegetarians won’t feel left out. Take a look at the full menu here.

The Automatic

Chris Schlesinger, the founder of East Coast Grill, and Dave Cagle of B-Side Lounge teamed up to open The Automatic. The restaurant is a great spot to satisfy your late night cravings—especially since the menu features a Late Night Bites menu. One of the most popular late night offerings is the Mudslide cocktail that comes with a cup of French fries. The menu has a lot to offer besides late night treats, though. You’ll also find some tasty sandwiches, wings, and grilled skewers. Visit the restaurant’s website to learn more.


From the minds behind Yvonne’s and Lolita comes Ruka. The menu highlights Peruvian, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. In addition to the noodle and skewer dishes, you will also find sushi on the menu. When you visit make sure you don’t skip out on the Peruvian desert options! To learn more about what Ruka has to offer, check out this overview of the restaurant’s menu.

By Chloe

By Chloe is Boston’s latest vegan restaurant. The restaurant has five locations in New York City and one location in Los Angeles, and it plans to open a second Boston restaurant at Fenway. By Chloe’s current Seaport location features some exclusive dishes that reflect Boston’s culinary history—like vegan lobster rolls. To learn more about By Chloe’s read the story behind the restaurant.

Buttermilk & Bourbon

Buttermilk & Bourbon offers diners a taste of New Orleans cuisine right in the Back Bay. The menu includes fried chicken, oysters, and beignets. Inside the restaurant the walls are covered with murals inspired by the Big Easy. Jason Santos is the chef and owner behind Buttermilk & Bourbon. In 2010 he appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and finished as the runner-up.

Five States and Their Defining Foods

Traveling and food are an intertwined, intersecting pair of interests of mine that I often find myself experiencing at the same time. When I travel, I sample the local cuisine regardless of how exotic it is or is not. There’s nothing like visiting the heart and birthplace of a dish and tasting an authentic version yourself. It always–always–blows imitations out of the water.

Regardless of where I’m headed–across the ocean, across the state or across the country, food will continue to be a huge part of traveling for me. And it should be the same way for you.

Within the United States are, of course, 50 states. Most everyone knows that, but what not everyone knows is that within each state is a signature dish, sandwich or local delicacy that you’re best off trying on your next visit. Here are five states with the most recognizable and most delicious foods that you should indulge in on your next visit.


If you’ve been to Louisianna before, you know that the state is known for its cajun creole inspired seafood dishes. In New Orleans you’ll likely find a good bit of jambalaya, but statewide, gumbo is a must-try. The base vegetables of celery, onions and peppers with stock, a meat or seafood and a variety of seasonings, spices and other ingredients combine to form a fantastic southern dish.

Maryland–Crabs/Crab cakes

The popularity of Maryland crabs comes from the method in which they’re cooked. Instead of simply boiling blue crabs with little to no spice, Maryland has made famous the method of utilizing Old Bay and a variety of spices to bring out the flavor of the crabs. If cracking is too much work for you, Maryland crab cakes are a fantastic substitute in Maryland.

Illinois–Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

You’ve probably tried deep dish pizza before, but unless you’ve been to Chicago, you haven’t really tried deep dish pizza. The chunky tomato sauce, the heaps of cheese and the perfectly cooked crust makes eating authentic Chicago-style deep dish an experience that every human on earth should try at least once in their life.

Pennsylvania–Philly Cheesesteak

A classic example of something that you can get just about anywhere in the world, but probably shouldn’t. Visiting just about any pizza place in America, you’ll find a menu item that will likely read “Philadelphia cheesesteak.” If you want a real Philly cheesesteak, avoid this. Philly cheesesteaks should be eaten in Philly. Avoid tourist-based spots like Pats and Genos, and opt instead for Dalessandros or Steve’s. My final recommendation: cheese whiz and onions. Not exactly upscale, but certainly delicious.

Massachusetts/New England– Clam Chowder

You had to have seen this coming. As a Boston resident, filling up with a bowl of clam chowder, particularly on a chilly evening, is hard to beat. Thicker than most other chowders because of its creamy base, New England clam chowder is a must-try when you’re in the area. And, by the way, to the locals it’s chowda’.


Great East Coast Restaurants

In the United States, there’s a nearly endless selection of restaurants, from a McDonald’s to restaurants that are considered the best in the world. I’ve decided to compile a list of high-end restaurants throughout the East Coast. They’re also affiliated with hotels or inns and have stunning views. If you live somewhere along the East Coast, most of these restaurants are a simple drive away, so you might want to plan a special trip to one. New York might have some of the world’s best restaurants, but you’ll have to head outside of the city for these country views.


Bedford Post Inn – Bedford, New York

The Bedford Post Inn sits on 14 lush acres and offers stunning views of nature. There are two stupendous restaurants, The Barn and Campagna. The Barn is a more casual dining experience with a rustic decor and wood beam interior. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served during the week, with brunch being served on weekends. Campagna is a fine dining restaurant that serves traditional Italian food and handmade pasta, along with some dishes using local ingredients.

Visit their website.


Spicer Mansion – Mystic, Connecticut

Spicer Mansion is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Mystic, Connecticut. The mansion was built in 1853 and has traditionally been the summer home of Captain Elihu Spicer. After much restoration, the mansion now houses a luxury restaurant that offers stunning views of downtown Mystic and the Mystic River. The restaurant offers world-class food and is open to guests or by reservation.

Check out their official website here.


Castle Hill Inn – Newport, Rhode Island

Castle Hill Inn rests on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic and provides guests with panoramic views of the ocean. This historic building was originally built by in 1875 for a Harvard marine biologist to spend his summers at. Now, it’s an extensive inn that houses various guests, either in the mansion or in cottages near the ocean. The Dining Room at the Inn has been there for over a century and has the distinction of being a Forbes Four Star restaurant, along with Chef Lou Rossi. There are over 800 selections on the wine list, as well as delicious cuisine. Guests can also opt to eat on The Lawn during summer months.

Read more here.


Blantyre – Lenox, Massachusetts

This manor is located between Boston and New York City and sits on 46 hectares. It was built in the Tudor style during 1902. The manor has a spa, beautiful guest rooms, and an award-winning restaurant in the Main House. A pianist will serenade guests with live music, while they enjoy mingling in the Music Room, the Covered Terrace, or the Main Hall. Fresh flowers, linens, and fine china adorn the tables for dinner, which promises to be a memorable experience.

Look at their website here.


Camden Harbour Inn – Camden, Maine

Camden Harbour Inn is considered one of the world’s best boutique hotels and is located along the coast of Maine. The Inn has been catering to guests since the late 1800’s. Nobility has even stayed here! Natalie’s is the AAA Four Diamond restaurant in the Inn that offers views of Camden Harbor, the mountains, and Penobscot Bay. Cuisine is a mix of European and New England style food.

Learn more about the Inn here.


The Best Wine Bars in Boston

Bjorn Koch Wine Bars


What’s better after a delicious meal at one of Boston’s finest restaurants than some after-dinner libations? And some of the best drinks–and some surprisingly good food–can be found at the wine bars in and around the Boston area.

Each wine bar on this list has its own quirks and traits that make it interesting. Some are pricier than others, while some feature oddities that make them unique and worth a visit. There are some very different vibes from bar to bar, particularly in places like Boston, so read the list and pick out whichever seems to fit you best and give it a go!


1 . Sip Wine Bar & Kitchen

If you’re looking for a more modern approach to wine bars, look no further than Sip, located on the corner of Avery and Washington Streets in downtown Boston. What you may notice first about Sip, in contrast to many other wine bars, is the atmosphere. It’s well lit and is adorned with televisions on the walls. The second thing you may notice is the food and wine selection, both of which are far beyond what many expect, as the menu features extravagant dishes as well as a wide variety of cocktails and delicious wines.


2.The Butcher Shop

There is no mincing words here: The Butcher Shop, during the afternoon, is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a butcher shop. It’s a great place to stop by to snag various cuts of beef during the day, then return at night for their fantastic wine bar selection. As you may surmise, the menu at the Butcher Shop features a selection of meats, including hot dogs, sausages, cured meats and more. The wine list, like the menu, isn’t long, but features daily specials for those who aren’t willing to empty their wallet for a night out.


3. Spoke

Pairing is the name of the game at Spoke. Unlike what you’d find at Sip, Spoke is more of what you’d expect the classic wine bar to feel like: no televisions, but a great, lively atmosphere and a menu focused around cheeses and seafood. If you’re in search of the classic wine bar experience around Boston, Spoke may be your best bet. It’s a popular date spot and features an always-changing and rotating menu of drinks and food to perfectly fill the stomachs and palates of all diners who make the trek in.



Technically, Troquet is a “food and wine boutique,” so while it may not technically fall under the wine bar umbrella, Troquet’s penchant for upscale, hard to find, vintage wine makes it an easy one to include on this list. Its location within the theater district makes it a great place to stop right before or right after seeing a show. Troquet also puts a heavy emphasis on pairing, offering suggestions on the menu to make it a snap even for novices.


Four Restaurants that Deliver on Quantity without Cutting Quality



Often times people think that, by choosing to dine at an upscale restaurant, they’re going to sacrifice meal portions in exchange for exquisite taste. Many fine dining establishments do cut back on portions to avoid the law of diminishing returns, treating the food and its presentation as an art, not just dinner. While these establishments can be pure pleasure to your taste buds, sometimes you leave with your stomach wanting more.

Fortunately, some restaurants can capture the best of both worlds: a fantastic, upscale dining taste with a large enough portion to fill you (and maybe some to take home after you’re done, as well). Check out these four restaurants that can offer you both quality and quantity next time you’re out for a meal, ranging from middle-of-the-road to upscale.

La Famiglia Georgio’s

A great place for great quality Italian food with a taste like it’s fresh out of your grandmother’s kitchen (if your grandmother is Italian, that is). While certainly not “upscale,” if you’re heading to La Famiglia Georgio’s you might want to ditch the suit and tie in favor of something with a little more give in the waist.

The most casual of the five restaurants here certainly shouldn’t be looked down on for the ambiance, as it brings a much more homey vibe to the dining experience. But the portions are the real focus here. The food can be borderline dangerous here: an almost endless plate of fettuccine, veal chops, lasagna or anything else you could want, delicious enough that you’ll never want to stop stuffing it in.

Sweet Basil

Another restaurant in the area that doesn’t approach upscale in atmosphere or price, Sweet Basil’s quality and quantity of their servings are second to none. I recommend you try the rosemary chicken as your entree. Make sure you don’t fill up too much on the bread and pesto if it’s plausible to stop eating it while you wait for your dish, though I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t.

The one drawback to a restaurant like Sweet Basil that serves up a delicious array of food with enormous plates and a reasonable price is the fact that it’s quite hard to keep a place like that a secret. Because Sweet Basil is such a popular restaurant, wait times can be long (over an hour during peak times), but I can promise you if you decide to stick around it’s well worth it.


One step above Sweet Basil and La Famiglia Georgio’s in terms of upscale atmosphere, Grotto will cost you a little money money, but deliver the same large portions that you’ve come to expect from this list. In addition to the larger-than-average portion size, Gotto also features a similarly sized menu. While some “upscale” dining establishments feature limited menus, Grotto gives you the option to explore a new dish each visit.


Another step up in terms of atmosphere, Moo is one of few upscale restaurants to offer larger-sized portions, particularly in their sides and hors d’oeuvres, which are often enough to fill up on, whether you intended to or got caught up in the tuna tartar or fresh rolls. While everything on the menu is worth trying, as you may surmise from the name, Mooo’s specialty is in its array of steaks.

From 24-ounce prime porterhouse and Delmonico cuts down to the 8-ounce filet or 6-ounce Japanese wagyu, each cut is cooked to perfection and nearly melt-in-your-mouth tender. If you’re in the mood for a starchy side, the truffle fries are hard to beat.

If you’re looking for a restaurant around Boston that’s capable of filling your stomach, look no further than the above restaurants. From family-style casual Italian restaurants like La Famiglia Geogio’s or Sweet Basil to upscale date-night options like Grotto or Mooo, Boston has something to offer that will deliver on both quality and quantity.

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