The Most Famous Restaurants

New York City has one of the most vibrant restaurant scenes in the entire world. Many of these restaurants are great, new places that capture, or create, the latest trends in dining. However, there are many other restaurants that are of much more importance. These places have remained staples of the city for decades, if not centuries. These establishments have been around for so long that they are practically woven into the fabric of the city. Simply put, New York City would not be the same place without them. So let’s take a look at the most famous restaurants in New York City.


Location: Brooklyn

Grimaldi’s is, without a doubt, one of the most popular pizza restaurants in all of New York City. The flagship location can be found right under the Brooklyn Bridge. This place is so popular that you will often times find people waiting in line for as long as 2 hours for the chance to taste their creations. This pizza spot has been consistently rated the #1 Pizzeria in New York by Zagat. This is quite the high honor to hold in a city full of great pizza. Even Frank Sinatra was a big fan of Grimaldi’s pizza.

Katz’s Deli

Lower East Side

Longevity is usually a pretty strong indicator of how good a restaurant is. Katz’s Deli has been around since 1888, so you know this restaurant is worth checking out. Established by a Russian immigrant family in New York City’s Lower East Side, Katz’s Deli continues to attract large crowds to this day. The pastrami sandwiches and hot dogs are the true two staples of this establishment. The inside is covered in pictures of the celebrity guests who have made the trip to Katz’s, including four U.S. presidents, actors, and news anchors.

Carnegie Deli

Location: Midtown

Established in 1937, Carnegie Deli is an all-time-classic New York City spot, well-known for its overstuffed pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. Come with an empty stomach because this deli serves everything in oversized portions; the sandwiches are piled high with meat (according to the Carnegie, it’s at least 1 pound of meat). The walls of this deli are filled with autographed pictures of the famous patrons who have grabbed a bite to eat over the years.


Location: Midtown & Brooklyn

What began as a Brooklyn landmark has since grown to two more locations to satisfy the demand of the New York City faithful. Junior’s now has two Manhattan locations at Grand Central Terminal and Times Square. The burgers and fried chickens will make for a delicious dinner. But it is the cheesecake that truly wins the patrons over. “The World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake,” which hasn’t changed since 1950, lives up to its name. When the Brooklyn restaurant caught fire back in 1981, people actually gathered in the street, yelling “save the cheesecake!”


Location: Little Italy

Located in the heart of Little Italy, Lombardi’s has a lot of history. The pizzeria began serving pizza in 1905, using coal ovens to whip up the famous thin crust pizza. It became so popular that it had to expand into space next door to accommodate the new clientele. This establishment boasts that it is America’s first pizzeria and the birthplace of New York style pizza.