Bjorn Koch has traveled all over the world, starting in Germany, moving quite a bit throughout the country, and finally settling down in Boston, Massachusetts. His father is German and his mother is part Swedish and part American. Bjorn was born in a small town outside of Cologne, Germany and moved to a small town outside of Munich when he was two years old, and moved around Germany throughout his childhood up until college. His family moved around multiple times throughout Bavaria during his time in Germany.

Upon finishing his education in Germany, Bjorn Koch was offered a position at a Germany-based startup in the United States. He took this opportunity to leave Germany and develop his professional career in the US. He eventually fell into a business development role but, has since switched career paths to reflect his true passion.

Aside from his professional aspirations, Bjorn has had some time to appreciate the cultural landscape that has surrounded him his entire life. He is currently positioned in Boston and frequently travels to New York City for business purposes. These just happen to be some of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, and Bjorn Koch has taken full advantage of this. He enjoys fine dining and is in the midst of creating a cuisine map of New York City, outlining every eating establishment that Bjorn has been to along with a rating of each restaurant. Bjorn is a firm believer that to truly understand a culture, you have to understand its cuisine. It isn’t enough to read a country’s history in books or watch it unfold in a documentary–to gain a truer cultural understanding of your favorite country you have to walk on its ground, speak with its people, live in their shoes and, of course, eat their food.

Aside from appreciating culture and cuisine as a side-gig from work, Bjorn Koch makes sure to travel often and appreciate cuisine from all over the world. He travels often to Europe to visit family and other regions of the continent such as Tenerife, the South of Spain, Dublin, Rome, Milan, Florence, London, Provence, and the French Riviera. In South America and the Caribbean, he has traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Punta de L’este, Guadeloupe, and St. Barths. He has also traveled to various destinations in Southeast Asia such as Manila, the Philippines, and Singapore. He has also been to Tokyo a couple of times. Coming from a culturally diverse family, Bjorn Koch speaks four different languages: German, English, Swedish, and Spanish.

Skiing was a major part of Bjorn Koch’s life since he grew up near the alps as a teenager and frequented the sport. Skiing is a major part of his life today, as he enjoys traveling to various resorts around Europe and the United States. His favorite ski trips have been to Zermatt, St. Moritz, Lech, Ischgl, Aspen, and Utah.

In this blog, culture and dining are the themes. Bjorn Koch will be sharing his experiences with dining in New York City along with various other cuisines from many different cultures.