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Ordering Steak at a Restaurant: Is There a “Right” Way?

I think it’s important to start this blog entry off by telling you that there is no correct way to order your food at a restaurant. There isn’t a correct section of the menu from which you should order–no reason to favor a steak over a pasta dish if you’re craving a nice fettuccine alfredo […]

Michelin Stars

In the wide, wide world of fine dining, a lot of weight is put into a restaurant’s reputation. If you’re visiting a small, divey restaurant, something like TripAdvisor or Yelp might suffice, as both offer rating systems from those who have perused the menu, eaten the food and experienced the atmosphere. But if you’re looking […]

Bjorn Koch’s Dessert Guide

  Few things are as satisfying as following up a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant with a decadent dessert and cup of coffee. Wheeling out the dessert selections in front of the table will often turn the minds of diners from “I’m stuffed” to “well, maybe I could eat a little bit more.” But […]

Properly Pairing Your Wine & Food

  Let’s face it, at some point in our lives, we’ve all been there. For some of us, it was in our youth, the earlier days of dining out on your own dime. For others, it’s right now, in adulthood, that you’ve found yourself in need of information regarding how to pair your wine with […]

Fresh German Greenery

In Germany, food is more than sustenance, it’s a way of life. Their local seasons tragically short, all you need do is follow the crowds to find what’s growing. Whether it’s May’s peaches or June’s cherries, the short time to harvest fruits causes quite the stir in the local markets. Produce is Germany isn’t as […]

Bjorn’s 10 Favorite Restaurants in NYC

Below is a list of Bjorn’s favorite restaurants in New York City  Cafe Felix (SoHo) – great brunch spot for Sunday in Soho with French bistro cuisine and a Brazilian feel to it. Great steak frites after a long Saturday night. Fun crowd for afternoon cocktails too. Wallse (West Village) – Best authentic Austrian food […]

Dining on Top of the World In New York City

New York City is home to arguably one of the most memorable and historically recognized skylines. With millions of people bustling about its streets and buildings, the city comes alive at a distance. A diamond with a thousand living, glimmering facets. This storied scenery has undergone drastic changes over the years, but none more triumphant […]

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