Dining at a nice restaurant requires a great deal of etiquette from the patrons, as well as a great deal of special treatment on behalf of the restaurant. I recently came across this interesting article, which outlines some of the small details that make a fancy restaurant so special. Here are 10 things that you will only find at a fancy restaurant.

1) Purses Get Their Own Chair

While you may be used to hanging your purse on your chair or placing it on the floor in front of you, at a fancy restaurant the waiter will bring over a little bench for you to rest your purse on.

2) They’ll Prime Your Wine Glass

When you order wine, the sommelier will pour a little bit of wine in your glass, swirl it around and let it sit momentarily before pouring it out. This helps to remove any residual taste that may be left from when the glass was washed or stored.

3) They’ll Fold Your Napkin When You Get Up From The Table

If you happen to get up to go to the bathroom, you will find your napkin folded on your chair or on the table for you when you get back to your seat.

4) You’ll Get More Than What You Ordered

Your server will likely bring you over a number of different bites that you did not order over the course of your meal. From amuse bouches to tantalize your taste buds before appetizers to palate cleanser before your dessert, you can expect a number of different treats.

5) Everyone Gets Their Dish At The Exact Same Time

No need to wait awkwardly for everyone to get their food. At a fancy restaurant, a number of waiters will come over to your table to serve everyone’s plate at the same time.

6) There Is A Correct Utensil For Everything

There will be a different utensil for each dish that you may order. When in doubt, start with the outermost spoon and work your way in.

7) There Is A Wine Glass For Every Kind Of Wine

There are a lot of different types of wine glasses that work best for certain types of wines. Check out all the different types of glasses here.

8) No Holding Onto Your Coat

Do not even try to hold onto your coat, the restaurant will insist on checking it, regardless of what you say.

9) The Server May Place The Bread On Your Plate For You

No need to pass around the bread basket. Your server will make sure that everyone gets a piece.

10) Presentation Is Everything

Every plate is perfectly arranged and the “reveal” of the food is just as important. The way in which the food is presented is just as important as the taste of the food iselt.