bjorn koch

There is something special about going to a nice restaurant, where you are treated to both sensational food and wondrous service. If you have yet to experience what fine dining restaurants have to offer, it is time to make a reservation. Before you sit down at the table, however, make sure you familiarize yourself with some fine dining etiquette. Enjoy!

1) Don’t place your phone or keys on the table, as it distracts and detracts from the atmosphere and conversation.

2) Do ask for assistance selecting the wine when you are not an expert.

3) Don’t return the wine if you do not like it. However, if you do not want to drink the wine, politely explain the problem to your waiter.

4) Don’t give a desired price range for wine aloud; instead, indicate a bottle of a similar price on the menu.

5) Do make payment arrangements prior to your meal to avoid awkward check grab at the end of the meal. If you are the host then it is your responsibility to set up payment ahead of time.

6) Do place your napkin on the left of your plate to signify the end of the meal; the napkin should be left on your chair if you are leaving the table for any reason during the meal.

7) Don’t talk business until the conclusion of the entrée. If you are out to eat with a client or business partner, avoid work related conversation until after the plates have been cleared.

8) Don’t yell to your waiter. If you need to speak with your waiter, then you should attempt to make eye contact with them. If that does not work then raise your right hand with your index finger raised slightly to get their attention.

9) Do order the same number of courses as your companion. This helps you avoid the awkwardness and allows you to pace your meals with the other person. Also, do not make your guest feel rushed during the meal.

10) Don’t place your utensils on the side of your plate when you are finished eating. When you are finished eating, place the knife and fork together at the 10:20 position on the plate.