There’s something happening in this great nation of America that so many of us call home, something big. This something will change how we approach our everyday lives, how we live and how we breathe–a revolution of sorts. Specifically, a food truck revolution.

Food trucks have been around for quite some time now, but only recently have they earned their place in a blog devoted to upscale dining. Many people, in fact, are likely still hesitant to buy anything they plan to put into their mouths from a truck parked somewhere along the sidewalk of a city street. But I’m here to quell those fears and offer a bit of insight into the world of upscale food truck dining.

The Washington Times recently did a piece on the upscale world of food trucks and the difficulties of setting yourself apart from the trucks that dish out soft pretzels and lukewarm hot dogs. Breaking the stigma of being another health-hazard of a food truck can be the most difficult barrier to break when entrepreneurs decide to enter the mobile-food business.

Food trucks are no longer a “if I have to” or a “well, there’s nothing else around” option. Scouring the streets of your nearest city can yield some incredible food truck finds, including some that serve everything from crab and other seafood dishes to authentic Mexican food. While these foods trucks have been becoming more and more common around the country, New York City has seen more than its fair share of high quality food trucks drive and park in various parts of the Big Apple.

Here are some of the best food trucks that NYC has to offer and what you can expect to get when you make your next stop for lunch or dinner.


For Mexican Food

Tacos Morelos

Tacos Morelos serves up delicious Mexican food. Photo: Village Voice

Tacos Morelos serves up delicious Mexican food.
Photo: Village Voice

Located in Flushing, Tacos Morelos offers a little more than most other carts can claim in that it also features a wide array of drinks available, including mixed drinks at your leisure. And that’s not to mention the food, which has one of the most authentic Mexican tastes you’ll find anywhere on the streets of NYC.


Country Boys

Don’t let the seemingly down-south-inspired name fool you, Country Boys offers authentic-style Mexican food with the convenience and price of a food truck. Nothing about Country Boys screams “mediocre” other than the availability, as the truck is only open on weekends, forcing us to make the trek from our homes on a Saturday or Sunday to get some delicious tacos, quesadillas or combo platters.


For Lobster

Lukes Lobster

Many, many people were excited when it was announced that Luke’s Lobster, a popular restaurant around the country, would be debuting a food truck on the streets of New York. The truck certainly doesn’t disappoint, albeit the prices are higher than you’d expect from a food truck, the lobster is reasonably priced and offers convenience you can’t get elsewhere.


Red Hook Lobster Pound

“Big Red” is one of relatively few “upscale” food trucks around the country, offering the delicious, fresh-caught lobster taste you expect from a highly-esteemed dining establishment on the streets of New York. The taste at Red Hook is incredibly hard to beat not only in terms of mobile food service, but just about anywhere in the city.


For Incredible Halal Food

Kwik Meal Cart

Though the name might give off the vibe of a gas-station rest stop, the food is on a completely different playing field. The ingredients are completely fresh and the taste reflects that. Though the price point may be slightly higher than you’re used to paying at a food cart, you shouldn’t hesitate to dish out a few extra bucks at Kwik Meal to receive some of the best food truck eats you’ll experience on the streets of NY.