At the famous crossroads of Pickwick & Frolic in downtown Cleveland, you can find pretty much anything. With martini bars, cabarets and comedy clubs, you’re sure to find something to brighten your night. However, a little known secret awaits the funky foodie looking for a good time. Establishing themselves as a name in fine-dining neo-classic cuisine, Pickwick restaurant is the place to be.

Bucking the stereotypes of fine dining with linen napkins and a stuffy atmosphere, the Pickwick restaurant brings comfort food to the fore of their fine dining offerings. Though they boast a wide variety of steaks and chops, their menu is loaded with innovative appetizers and savory treats. A menu that’s equal parts prime cuts of steak and pizza, every taste is welcome.

When you’ve decided on which meal to enjoy, stop over at the bar to sample Pickwicks drinks. Their selection, ripped straight from 1940s Cleveland, echoes a retro flair that pairs nicely with the atmosphere. The entire establishment is steeped in Old Cleveland culture, making it the perfect spot for visiting tourists or locals looking to step into the past.

The menu is chock full of delicious meals. The Cleveland Sausage Party is a tongue-in-cheek take on sampler platters. A wide variety of famous sausages, from beer-braised brats to corn-breaded kielbasa, this cheeky dish is sure to be a party pleaser. Another crowd favorite to look out for is the Pickwick Margherita pizza. Fresh ingredients with a dash of garlic oil and more than a few helpings of love make this a pizza to be remembered.

If your preferences run the vegan route, don’t fret. Pickwick has some equally delicious menu selections to meet the needs of any veggie lover. A stuffed hot pepper with lentils, chickpeas and basil marinara, served with a fiery sauce is sure to ignite your particular taste buds. Should you find yourself in Cleveland, with a desire to experience the very best comfort foods, Pickwick restaurant should be at the top of your list.