When commercial travel first took off, full meals were commonplace. However, airlines have slowly moved away from this, and nowadays the most you are offered is a bag of pretzels. When it comes to airplane food today, people usually do not have many good things to say.

But some airlines are beginning to revisit their previous methods. They realize that there is a growing market for passengers who appreciate good food while traveling. Singapore Airlines has begun serving up an incredible array of world-class meals for everyone from first-class to business-class to premium economy.

The high chefs onboard are cooking up a range of signature dishes to offer travelers, flying from Sydney and Melbourne, a fine dining experience at a five-star restaurant, in the sky. According to the airlines website, there is a wide array of dishes that have been specially curated so that travelers can always have their preferred in-flight meal.

Flyers now have the opportunity to ditch the boring and standard in-flight menus on board by pre-ordering fro the Book the Cook service before stepping on the plane. “You can pre-order your choice of the main course through our reservations office or via our website at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure,” states the website.

So just how delicious are these speciality in-flight meals? Here is a look at what travelers on a flight from Sydney will be pleased to find.

First-class passengers will be treated to such meals as a roast rack of lamb with natural jus, Cantonese roast duck, and pan-fried barramundi in pepper sauce. Business-class flyers can enjoy grilled beef with green peppercorn sauce, roasted chicken breast in wild mushroom cream, or Tasmanian salmon in wild-lime butter sauce. Premium economy travellers will have some great selections as well, including lamb shank korma with basmati rice, Seafood Thermidor with buttered asparagus, and Szechuan beef with vegetables.

Each city will vary in their offerings, but the cities that are beginning this fine-dining in the sky movement aim to please everyone.

Melbourne’s travelers, there are 10 speciality mains available for those in business-class and up to 12 dishes to choose from in first class. Passengers flying out of Singapore are treated to a selection of over 45 delicious meals, with dishes spanning the regions of Western, Japanese,  Malaysian, Indian and Singaporean.

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