Bjorn Koch Food

Some countries are well known for a specific type of food, like pasta in Italy or sushi in Japan. Other countries have lesser known delicacies that require some research to learn about. I’ve compiled a list of six different countries that are not always cited as the best countries to sample food in, but they do have their own dishes to offer that are stupendous.


Australia – Pie floater

The pie floater is a meat pie placed in green pea soup, often finished off with salt and pepper, vinegar, and tomato sauce. It’s ideal for when cold weather hits Australia. Some even claim the pie floater is a reliable hangover cure. They were traditionally served from pie-carts parked on the side of the street, but can now be found in restaurants throughout Australia.


Argentina – Asado

Asado is a type of grilled meat served in Argentina. Only the best cuts are used, so the meat will have a tantalizing taste. Many people claim the best place to get asado is in the countryside, or homemade in someone’s backyard. It’s carefully flavored and grilled, which leaves a stunning flavor. This food is an important part of the culture in Argentina. The person who makes the grilled meat even has a special name; the “asador”.


Singapore – Katong Laksa

Laksa is a dish that originated with descendents of Chinese immigrants who moved to the area between the 15th and 17th centuries. There are many different variations of laksa, but the way Katong Laksa differs from the others is that the noodles are cut into bite-sized pieces. The noodles are then mixed together with fish cake, bean sprouts, cockles, and prawns, all in a coconut curry gravy. It’s a pleasure to the tastebuds.


Canada – Poutine

This dish originated in Quebec, but can now be found throughout the country, in diners or pubs and sometimes fast food restaurants. Poutine is french fries, slathered in gravy and cheese curds. To some people, this food may not sound that appetizing, but many consider it delicious. It’s sometimes offered with different meat toppings, like chicken or bacon.


Czech Republic – Czech Goulash

Goulash may have had its beginning in Hungary, but the Czech Republic has given the food their own unique twist. Beef is the main ingredient in this food, and sometimes beer is added in as well. These ingredients result in a thick stew that is mouthwatering. It’s often paired with bread dumplings and a pint of beer!