When thinking of the best places to find quality food, what jumps to mind? The world is replete with dining destinations. From Paris to New York, there is always a famous dish to bring the discerning foodie running.

However, what if I told you that the leading gastronomic restaurants were not nestled in one of these famed cities, but in far off Greenland? To the surprise of many, Greenland has become a must-stop on any culinary quest. Geniuses in this emerging food science have altered the face of food, and changed the way we do dinner.

In the little town of Nuuk, Greenland, two of the world’s greatest gastronome restaurants supply some truly astounding meals. First is Nipisa, home to one of the greatest chefs in the field of molecular gastronomy. The nuanced way dishes are prepared are an experience unto themselves, and dining in Labrador Bay’s four-star restaurant is unlike any other.

Wylie Dufresne is a wonder in the kitchen. Considered by some to be the master of molecular gastronomy, Sarfalik’s head chef creates works of art in his restaurant. Connected to the Hotel Hans Egede, the Sarfalik draws inspiration for dishes from the local color. Greenland is plentiful in rare ingredients, and every opportunity to involve them in one of several courses is taken.

Greenland benefits from the legal hunting of certain animals that otherwise would be forbidden, adding to their culinary diversity. Legal to hunt whale and seal, the citizens of Greenland take great pride in their using of the entire animal for food and function. Never prone to over-hunting or abusing their natural resources, Greenland’s culinary diversity covers fowl to fish, and includes rarities like seal, whale, and muskox.

A unique land of natural beauty and delicacy, Greenland surprises many with its offerings. Whether an experienced palate or a curious culinarian, the bounty of Greenland is virtually untapped. For an escape your taste buds are sure to enjoy, make Greenland your next destination.