The New York City restaurant scene is always bustling with activity. Over the past week, there have been a number of new breaking stories. In order to make the most of your time in New York City, it is helpful to stay up to date on the latest news and trends. Here are the biggest stories taking place within New York City’s restaurant scene:

1) New Mystery Food Hall

Essex Street Restaurant Cabalito Papuseria announced plans to expand to a new mystery food hall located somewhere in Noho. It appears that there is a new market under construction on the corner of Bowery and Great Jones Street. It looks as though there will be four outdoor kiosks and two indoor stalls. However, there has been no announcement has to who the other vendors will take up shop at the location.

2) Long Wait For Dorm Room Kitchen

There are over 900 people on the waiting list for Pith, a four-seat pop-up that started in a Columbia University dorm’s kitchen. The student/chef Jonah Reider told the Wall Street Journal: “It’s kind of ironic… the reason this got so popular is basically because it’s a totally chill, unpretentious meal in someone’s dorm. It’s not some three-Michelin-starred meal. It’s hanging out with me.” Reider is now preparing meals for his supper club out of a University-owned off-campus apartment.

3) La China Shows Promise

La Chine did not completely win over Adam Platt, but the New York critic was able to find a number of crowd-pleasing dishes on the menu. In his review, Platt Platt stated: “The great Sichuan specialties — chicken with cashews, chilled chicken with pepper sauce and peanuts — tasted like toothless imitations of the real thing, although none of the grizzled New Yorkers at my table had any complaints about the sticky Taiwanese-style spare ribs (bone in, with a tangy kumquat glaze) or the stack of crisped Spanish mackerel, which the kitchen scents with puffs of smoke tinged with the kind of flower you usually find in your Chinese tea.” La Chine received two stars.

4) Nishi Now Accepting Reservations

Dave Chang’s white-hot Korean-Italian restaurant Nish is now accepting reservations. You can make reservations 15 days in advance. If you are looking to make a reservation, you can do so on the Momofuku reservation system.