Perhaps there isn’t a “right” way to cook or order a steak. Perhaps it ultimately boils down to the eater’s preference–perhaps a well done steak is just as “good” as a perfectly cooked medium-rare filet. Or perhaps it’s not my place to say how you should cook your steak, how you should season it or how long to leave it on for.

For that, I’ll turn it over to the man who has perhaps become one of the most well-known chefs around the world thanks to his foul-mouthed television persona, Gordon Ramsay. Check the video below for a quick (as in, less than three minutes) breakdown on the perfect steak.

And there, in just two and a half minutes, Gordon Ramsay has turned the layman from steak novice to steak expert.

As Ramsay noted while he was cooking the steak, he prefers his rare, though the same cannot be said for all viewers. For this, Ramsay used a spin-off of a common trick that allows anyone to use their hand to determine how cooked a steak is without having to slice into it.

Though Ramsay uses his arm (and we’re inclined to side with a celebrity chef known for his ability to cook delicious food), the more popular version involves using the palm of your hand, and can be found in the photo below.

steak cooking with your palm

While there may not be a “correct” way to cook a steak, I recommend that you give Gordon Ramsay’s method a shot and let the taste determine whether you believe the hype.