Bjorn Koch Wine Bars


What’s better after a delicious meal at one of Boston’s finest restaurants than some after-dinner libations? And some of the best drinks–and some surprisingly good food–can be found at the wine bars in and around the Boston area.

Each wine bar on this list has its own quirks and traits that make it interesting. Some are pricier than others, while some feature oddities that make them unique and worth a visit. There are some very different vibes from bar to bar, particularly in places like Boston, so read the list and pick out whichever seems to fit you best and give it a go!


1 . Sip Wine Bar & Kitchen

If you’re looking for a more modern approach to wine bars, look no further than Sip, located on the corner of Avery and Washington Streets in downtown Boston. What you may notice first about Sip, in contrast to many other wine bars, is the atmosphere. It’s well lit and is adorned with televisions on the walls. The second thing you may notice is the food and wine selection, both of which are far beyond what many expect, as the menu features extravagant dishes as well as a wide variety of cocktails and delicious wines.


2.The Butcher Shop

There is no mincing words here: The Butcher Shop, during the afternoon, is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a butcher shop. It’s a great place to stop by to snag various cuts of beef during the day, then return at night for their fantastic wine bar selection. As you may surmise, the menu at the Butcher Shop features a selection of meats, including hot dogs, sausages, cured meats and more. The wine list, like the menu, isn’t long, but features daily specials for those who aren’t willing to empty their wallet for a night out.


3. Spoke

Pairing is the name of the game at Spoke. Unlike what you’d find at Sip, Spoke is more of what you’d expect the classic wine bar to feel like: no televisions, but a great, lively atmosphere and a menu focused around cheeses and seafood. If you’re in search of the classic wine bar experience around Boston, Spoke may be your best bet. It’s a popular date spot and features an always-changing and rotating menu of drinks and food to perfectly fill the stomachs and palates of all diners who make the trek in.



Technically, Troquet is a “food and wine boutique,” so while it may not technically fall under the wine bar umbrella, Troquet’s penchant for upscale, hard to find, vintage wine makes it an easy one to include on this list. Its location within the theater district makes it a great place to stop right before or right after seeing a show. Troquet also puts a heavy emphasis on pairing, offering suggestions on the menu to make it a snap even for novices.