Washington D.C. is known for its monuments, museums, and the chaos that ensues at Capitol Hill, but it also has a great range of delicious restaurants that are just as noteworthy. Selected from the Washingtonian’s list of the “100 Very Best Restaurants”, here are my five favorite:

 1) Komi

A combination of Mediterranean and Greek, Komi dazzles you with its finely-crafted cuisine. Thing to try include: the Bay scallops, the gyros, gnocchi with milk-roasted rabbit, greek doughnuts, and the the gelato to finish. The last course is served family-style, and it will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

2) Le Diplomate

Bringing the best of France to D.C., Le Diplomate is a charming bistro with red leather banquettes and its brasserie. For small, flavorful dishes start with the onion soup, mushroom tart, and the foie gras parfait. Their desserts are delectable too. Try the crème brûlée and the milk-chocolate pot de crème.

3) Little Serow

Owned by chef Johnny Monis, Little Serow exudes the aroma of northern and northeastern Thai flavors in its small, lagoon-blue dining room.  Start with the snakehead dumplings in a galangal broth. For your entree have the crispy pork skin with anchovies.

Note: Get there early as they do not take reservations, and there are only 28 seats in the tiny establishment.

4) The Red Hen

One of the best spots for italian, The Red Hen is not known for a particular dish but known for executing every dish superbly. Start with the beet salad or the grilled octopus. For your main have the tomato-braised short rib, saffron zucca with a butternut squash puree, or the scallops with kale and bacon. If you have a sweet tooth, try the maple custard or the autumn ice cream sundae.

5) Woodberry Kitchen

With free valet parking, you don’t have to worry about the frustrations of city parking at Woodberry Kitchen. With bricked walls and quaintness, the old mill radiates warmth. If in need of a cocktail, the Snake Charmer (rum and verjus with cider) and the Leaflit (mezcal, and kiwi-berry syrup with a sprinkle of tonic water) are huge hits. Start with the crab dip and have the clam with egg noodles for your main. For dessert share the salted-caramel ice cream or the butterscotch pudding.